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Kapama Celebrates Photo Competition Winners

In 2016, our first Rangers Photo competition kicked off. The competition was initiated to encouraged staff to unleash their creativity and explore the natural environment around them, express their passion and love for nature and give guests a taste of the abundance of wildlife resident on Kapama Private Game Reserve. This year 2 photo competitions …

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White Rhino at Sabi Sabi

Species name: White Rhino Scientific name: Ceratotherium simum Weight: Male: ±2400kg – Female: ±1600kg Shoulder height: Male: ±1.8m – Female: ±1.8m Diet: Rhinos are herbivores and considered to be “selective grazers” preferring short and fresh growth. Their lips are perfectly designed to neatly crop the pastures. General habitat: We are able to find this species …

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Endless Game – The Great Alluvial Fan

From a game viewing and photography perspective, the hot dry months of October and November deliver an abundance of species in the Okavango Delta. This is due mainly to the concentration of water and the relative ease of finding your subjects, either out on the floodplains or in the dry, leafless bush. On a recent …

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Density, Dust & Drama at Little Makalolo Waterhole

“It is soon apparent that everything gives way to the elephants. The zebra wait, the sable watch, and even the lion keep a distance when it’s the elephant who want to drink.” – Graham Simmonds Zimbabwean Graham Simmonds knows all about the dry season in Hwange. As he says, it is a season to behold: …

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October in the Masai Mara

Weather And Grasslands Weather has been hot and often humid this October with some scattered showers during early and mid-month, on the 8th we received 17mm, this bit of rainfall certainly cooled the air down and brought on some cool mornings. High north/easterly winds have prevailed and, on some occasion, raising dust swirls into the …

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